New build house redevelopment, Wokingham, Berkshire

This client from Wokingham, Berkshire wanted to redevelop their existing house. The majority of the original house was due for demolition and the client wanted to view the proposed rebuild following a successful planning application.  The new house was modelled in 3D from the architects approved plans. The client was gaining bedrooms and bathrooms on the first floor and additional open plan living space on the ground floor.

New build house redevelopment, Wokingham, Berkshire New build exterior 3d cgi rear of property, Wokingham, Berks


The 3D CAD model of the property was created using the architects plans as below:

Architects plans of exterior of Wokingham house Architects plans of floor plans of Wokingham house


Here are work in progress photos of the house build to date:

Wokingham property work in progress build


Here are photos of the original private property:

Wokingham private property before demolition

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