3D Architectural Visualisations

Once an accurate site survey has been completed (by ourselves, yourself, a planner, surveyor or architect) the 3D cad model of the property interior or building can be created. The client brief affects which software package is used from the beginning.  The crucial discussion at this stage is whether you would like scaled 2D orthographic elevations of the interior rooms. These may be useful for your own space planning or electrical layouts.

If 3D architectural visualisations are the only requirement, the model will be created from meshes and surfaces within a 3D rendering package. The step by step process will be as follows:


1. The 3D model is built from the submitted plans and photographic elevations. It will not include any materials or lighting. Once the client has approved the model and confirmed all major details have been generated we can progress to stage 2.
plain greyscale unmapped house
2. After the 3D model of the building or room has been signed off, we can add environments and lighting to match the real photo that will be used for the final image. Once we are happy with the likeness we will proceed to stage 3 without the need for client approval.
House rendered with sky environment and sun light
3. With the inclusion of lighting, sun direction and shadows, we can start to apply the desired materials and configure the mappings and scales. This stage does require client sign-off before proceeding to photomontaging the complete scene.
3d cgi rendering of a house with extension, berkshire
4. Once the client has signed off the 3D visual with applied lighting and rendered materials, we can montage the image into the original photo, thus creating the high quality photorealistic image of how the property or building will look once completed.
3d architectural visualisation of a house with extension in Berkshire