Site Survey

Before VI design can commence any interior or exterior architectural modelling, we require dimensioned sketches or plans of the property.

For building or exterior visualisations, we would recommend you issue us scaled surveyor or architects plans. However for internal visualisations VI design offers an interior site survey service. We could use this to:

  • create scaled 2D plan and elevation drawings suitable for your own space planning, or
  • build 3D computer generated models of the rooms or building to create photo realistic CGI visuals of your designs, or
  • build 3D computer models of the rooms or building for our own interior design consultancy, or
  • build 3D computer models of the rooms or building and create rendered 3D floor plans

Alternatively you may wish to submit your own dimensioned survey drawings or sketches. To accompany your survey you will need to include photos of each room elevation and ensure they are looking directly at each wall. They must include the whole wall and be free from as many obstructions as possible. On receipt of your submission we will confirm whether all the information provided is adequate before starting our work.

A site survey can take many forms. It may consist of simple hand drawn room sketches or computer generated line drawings. Whichever method is used, plans, elevations and dimensions are still required:

Simple hand drawn site survey or line drawing

OR you may have already invested in detailed scaled plans from a surveyor, planner or architect.

survey scaled plans from an architect